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January 2, 2011

…when you know exactly what you’re doing, you get into grooves…you get kind of stuck on your assumptions about the world. And while nobody wants to make mistakes all the time, the liberating effect that a mistake has is that it takes you out of your expectations and your predictable routines.


March 31, 2010

I searched my memory for those things I read about in science fiction and began building them because the technology was now available.

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March 11, 2010


Dolphin Boat - it does sustained dives, huge jumps and barrel rolls


January 10, 2010

We need to celebrate people - not people who try to get into balloons to go on reality television and not people who lose, you know, 300 pounds on a television show. We need to celebrate the inventors and the scientists and the creators in this country.

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August 9, 2009

The weather reports keep announcing that the sky is falling, but here we are — millions of us — sitting around trying to invent new ways to talk to one another.

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